In our clinic we always make certain you await the sound of the drill with pleasure.

One of our patients (who for her own protection desired to remain anonymous), an orderly woman of late middle years answered our question “did it hurt?” (after a rather complex and not entirely painless procedure) with:

»Oh, not at all – it was such a relief listening to the sound of drilling so I could not hear this dreadful music of yours in the background«

Our unquestionable loyalty to the Great Music will cause you to listen to certain pieces of music you do not often have a chance to and of such originality and sometimes even likableness you will find yourself wishing for the doctor to have a delay so you could listen the piece to its conclusion.

The music for the page you currently find yourself onto was written by Milko Lazar and entitled Remix II. Its performers are Milko Lazar and Bojan Gorišek, both pianists. The piece is used with specific permit of both.

However, to avoid you being accompanied only by pain while leaving our clinic, but also by the music you had the pleasure to listen during your (hopefully brief) stay, we aided multiple CDs to see the light of day – Pret-a porter Variations and 4 Reasons by the composer Milko Lazar (both issued by Mettis Bukvarna, d.o.o.), Slečena koža by Brina, published by Druga Godba and Come To Me by Vasko Atanasovski Trio, put out by publisher Celinka.
To relieve the sorrow of reality, we also supported the release of two CDs of fairytales, both published by Pripovedovalski variete – Deset zgodb and Tri zdrave Marije in en Oče naš – koncertna pripoved.
However, the things do not end here; being eager supporters of all sorts of music, we also financed the release of CD with the poetry of Janko Glazer set to music Ciproš composed by the singer-songwriter Peter Andrej and a jazz CD, produced by Zlatko Kavčič and Milko Lazar Ena/One issued by publisher Klopotec. We are well aware only the brave can alter the world, so we supported the release of biography of a great patriot Zvonko Meško Zvonko Meško – velik človek iz malega kraja.

Rok Jurič

  • speaker at Maribor Radio Študent – MARŠ (1990-91)
  • associate of the music editorial department of Radio Študent for jazz music, co-author of broadcasts Idealna godba, Tolpa bumov, Razširjamo obzorja, Koncert RŠ, Glasbene novice/Infobruh (1991-)
  • member of the programme editorial staff of the Druga Godba festival (1997-2004)

  • member of the jury of the singer-songwriters’ festival Kantafest (2004, 2005)

  • keen psybient music lover

Sabina Kraner

  • Member of musical division of Radio Študent Ljubljana; daily music programme editor, author and host of Skabinet show, author of Thursday’s musical news (until 2012), radio archive chief (2000-2005), ocasional author of Tolpa bumov, Razširjamo obzorja, Koncert RŠ, DJ Grafiti and RŠ Recenzija
  • Author of articles and reviews in musical magazine Muska
  • Member of nonformal collective in Klub Gromka, AKC Metelkova mesto (former Kulturno umetniško društvo Anarktika and Teater Gromki), since 2000
  • Leader and execution of concert cycle Twotonebinas (2002-2011)
  • Backing vocals at ska/punk band Pridigarji (2003-2004), Bass and vocals at Common sense society (2007-2011), Bass and vocals at The International r’n’r circus (2001-)
  • DJane Skabina(ska, punk, hardcore, soul, rock’n’roll, reggae, rocksteady, funk, blues, jazz, swing, novi val, post punk, hard rock, classic rock, metal) (1996-), DJane Soulbina (soul) (2016-), DJane Boney-S (70’s in 80’s disco)
  • Ne! Records (Swedish record label) – translating of articles, interviews and lyrics into English (records translated so far: Novi punk val, Lepo je…, Buldožer, Niet, Indust bag, Šund, 92, Pankrti, Tožibabe, Nekrofilija, S.O.R., Čao Pičke) (2013-); Maximum rocknroll (n. 378 – interviews with Tožibabe and Monika Skaberne of FV Music, translations of interview with Šund, Pankrti and 92; n. 398. Interview with Mario Šelih of Lublanski Psi and translations of Buldožer and Niet
  • Na robu (On the edge) – The founder and author at Na robu online music fanzine