Endodontocomix is a novel comic booklet explaining endodontology and endodontic procedures to the patients in a humorous, exaggerated and caricatured way.

After reading this 80 black-and-white pages comic booklet the patients are willing to start the endodontic procedure, since they are totally aware of the aim, course and consequences of endodontic procedure.

Endodontocomix was produced in collaboration of endodontist Rok Jurič and well known comic artist Ciril Horjak – dr. Horowitz with contribution of numerous experts in the fields of dental medicine, creative writing, art of painting and graphic design.
Endodontocomix was translated into English, Dutch and Croatian language.

Patients of Odontos specialist clinic receive a complimentary copy of Endodontocomix as a part of the treatment. Non-patients can order a copy using link below.