At Odontos, we provide our patients with various dental procedures, emphasising the adult patients.

We offer:

  • specialist endodontic treatment of dental pulp 〈 with primary and secondary treatment of inflammation (pulpitis), gangraena of the pulp and apical periodontitis (granuloma); with endodontic surgery (excision of the root tip – apicoectomy, separation – hemisection, and partial extraction of one or more tooth roots)
  • specialist treatment of diseases of hard dental tissues

    treatment of multiple caries with the patients especially susceptible to it, post-radiotherapy caries, treatment of patients with immune deficiency disorders and conditions (patients with transplants, patients undergoing chemotherapy, patients on immunosupressive therapy) and those of high-risk group

In collaboration with Astrid Ražem, DMD, specialist periodontist and implantologist, we also carry out:

  • specialist treatment of periodontal disease
  • specialist oral–surgery procedures – removal of impacted wisdom teeth, flap operation, clinical crown lengthening procedures

Aside from specialist treatments listed above, we also undertake other general dentistry procedures for adults:

  • preventive dental care – plaque and dental calculus removal, sealing of fissures and professional fluorisation;
  • conservative dentistry – dental fillings;
  • treatment of periodonal diseases – scaling and root planning;
  • surgical procedures – extraction of teeth;
  • prosthetics – crowns, bridges, partial and full dentures